The best of the European etnographic festivals – Vienna (Austria) Rovinj(Croatia) Zagabria (Croatia) Pärnu (Estonia) Tartu (Estonia) Joensuu(Finlandia ) Paris (France) Gottingen (Germany) London (UK) London(UK) Nuoro (Italy) Bergen (Norway) Amsterdam (Netherlands) Torún(Poland) Sibiu (Romania) Ekaterinburg (Russia) Mosca (Russia: The Moscow International Visual Anthropology Festival and Days of ethnographic cinema) Belgrade (Serbia) Čadca (Slovacchia) Ljubljiana(Slovenia) Boltaña (Spain) Budapest (Hungery) – for the anthropological view of a changing continent. So, as the geopolitical categories of the last century wane with their contrasts in terms of positive and negative values; of North and South, West and East Europe, the new century begins with the prospect of a united continent, or at least one brought closer together, beyond the influence of the old nation-states, and beginning to wonder, in the global scenario of the planet, about questions and themes of its own identity.
EURORAMA proposes Trento and TrentoFilmFestival, proud of their geographical centrality, not only as a meeting place for reflection on these issues, through the anti-conformist, critical and watchful eye of ethnographic documentary cinema. Eurorama is curated by Michele Trentini and Giovanni Kezich
In collaboration with the TrentoFilmfestival

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